Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nadhi Pogum Koozhangal from Pisasu.

A very beautiful good morning to everyone. 

Sungai Petani, my quaint hometown, is cloudy and mildly cold, this morning. I get to sleep in longer, thanks to it being Sunday. :)

Actually, I'm still in bed. Writing from my iPad. With a slight grin. I have a song that I want to post, too. But, the huge question will be, if I manage to do it. Or not.

I'm still a horrid iPad user. I still fail at embedding songs via it. STILL. So, if you are my blog reader and an ace at Apple products and how blogging works with them, please, puhleeezzzzzzzz enlighten me. :)

I'm heading for a vacation next month. It is very much looked forward to. However, finalization has yet to take place. Still a little fidgety and on the edge, although I am praying hard it the plan will go on, eventually.

God, I need a holiday. It has been two months since. Hahaha…. Don't curse me. Only two months, and I'm complaining? Not complaining actually. Rather, psyched out. 

I'm a Scorpio. I'm the Tamil girl who loves to travel. Tamil, read correctly. Indian is vast. I want to be specific. ;)

I'm a homebody with a penchant for on and off getaways. I'm a fan of the art of rejuvenation. I'm happy in unwinding state. Simply put – I so so so love my holidays. 

Most of us do, I believe. We fail to plan and make it a reality. There's always a reason. Work. Finance. Other obligations. Blah blah blah. But, if not now, when ? You've got to start somewhere. It will pick up in time. Those tiny fetes. 

Start with a weekend. Go to a good café nearby. Not the noisy, rumbling one. Something quieter. Something that would put you in a mood, to go on a holiday. Because ambience is a great tranquilizer. 

We have one here in Penang. It's named Harvest Time. Aratoon Road. A beautiful restaurant, it is. Renovated from a two storey colonial kind of house to an angelic white and resplendent diner, now. It's attractively old fashioned. Quaint. And, it always reminds me Pondicherry. Only that, it's white here and yellow there. And, thus, my drive (oh, yeah – drive) to holiday, gets ignited. ;)

I have a huge imagination, don't I? I bet many of you are wondering how a coffee café can ACTUALLY stem an idea to holiday? It does. For me. And it will, for you.
The catch is, that you have to give yourself room to visualize and ideate. I'm a beach person. So anywhere in vicinity of one, is awesome. I love temples and art architecture. India and Thailand score a bingo. That's how the drive, starts. Keyword – visualize, ideate and finally, accomplish. :)

Catch my point ? (You've got to say this like Kamal, in Michael Madana Kama Rajan, to his mammoth assistant, Beam Boy ;)
Oh, I've watched Kamal’s movie. At the cinema in my hometown, with my family and half a theater crowd. It's  an artistic movie. It's a movie with a message. Of how frail life can actually be. Especially when you are made aware of the time you have left – to live. 

I found it a little boring. I am not a fan, first. And, I prefer him in comedies. His, work 100%. Think Michael, Madana, Kama, Rajan. Panchathanthiram. Pammal K Samantham. And MBBS. Hilarious to the core, weren't they? 

Also, due to the fact that I watched OK Kanmani too manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times. You know – minimal dialogues, beautiful cinematography, lovely songs and the sombre feel. Mani Sir’s territory. So. I'm still reeling in it. 

But, I've got to applaud Kamal’s initiative. The movie in the movie one was excellent. From comedy to songs to attire to graphics. Found it amusing. And, certain scenes, when realism sets it. Pulls the heartstrings. 

Ahhh.. See the drives came in droves. Haha… Can't imagine I've written this much.

Got to go though. It's going to be 9am soon. I've another busy schedule. ;) 

So, see ya around. Stay blessed.
And, go plan that holiday. And tell me about it – too. Would love to listen. :)

This is, Shalu, signing off. With love and affection. 

p/s - such a mellifluous piece. I love this song. So does Amma. Uttara Unni Krishnan sings this perfect and crisp clear. And the sound of the violin. Majestic. I adore Myskin's movies. Amma doesn't though. Opinion differs. And, I stick to mine. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day - For Amma & Appa. Kaatru Veliyil from Un Samayal Araiyil.

I'm breaking the norm. 

Here's wishing not only my Mom, but also my dearest Dad, up in heaven, a very blessed Mother’s Day. 

It took both of them to raise me. To be what I am today. It’s undeniable that a family runs solely because of a mother’s sacrifice and dedication. And, in ours, my father played an equally strong part. 

Yes, I say, “Amma” first, whenever I fall. Yes, it's Amma that I confide in anything, and everything. Oh, yes - it's Amma this and Amma that. 

But, my father – my Appa – he ruled my world. 
He still does. He always will. 
My Heavenly Mother. 
The one I carry in my heart at all times, and everywhere I go. 

So, here's ALSO wishing all the great guys who are totally supportive of their moms and wives and girlfriends, a Happy Mother’s Day. 

For my fellow women – A Blessed Mother’s Day, TOO. ;)

What-A-Song. Illayaraja. Sung by himself. From an awesome movie. Listen on loop - you will fall head over heals with this one. :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gratitude is beautiful. Nilaa Kaayum from Sembaruthi.

Dedicated to a beautiful stranger ~ Sridhar Vittal. The one residing in my favourite city in the whole wide world.

I came home from a tiring Friday but much anticipated weekend – due to a dating spree day and the very publicized, Mother’s Day – to see your name pop on my inbox. 

Thank you. It put a grin on my face. It is, indeed, simple things in life that create mammoth effects. 

Thank you – Sridhar Vittal. 

No, I am not on a tour. Though, I wish I could, and was. And, neither, I am too busy, to write. Lazy? Oh, yes. That would be a more honest answer. 

I need drive, to write. Only then, I can. Words must flow from my heart. I don't fancy the idea of constructing words into frilly sentences just for the sake of posting. I write because I want to. 
And, days that I want to actually write, are dwindling. 

Life is going fine. And, I hope it is the same for all my readers. 

Yesterday, I went on a one day dating spree with two of my close girlfriends. We had maximum fun and food and frolicking. And, last night, after the girlie date, I joined my family at this local Indian hangout for a pre Mother’s Day celebration. 

Today, I am a bit relaxed. But, we have another Mother’s Day outing, in the evening. Yeah, we are a close knit family, that enjoy our times together. But, aren't all Indian families, too? 

Generally, the Indian family is a little conservative. We don't hug much. Or reveal our feelings through I-love-you’s. But, we love our kin, strong and sincere. 

I've watched some great movies. And some, not so great ones. I've also listened to mellifluous Tamil songs from recent times. I've kept myself abreast with Kollywood. Lacked the drive, I told you earlier about, to blog, though.

It's a cloudy afternoon here. The thunder is rumbling. And, I assume it is going to pour heavy anytime soon. I love rain. I love the smell it gives earth. I love the tapping of it on my window pane. I love its chill that fills the room. I love the fact that it minimizes my whining on the hot weather.

To everyone, stay blessed. Stay happy. And, share your love. That's what we are all here for…...

Take care.  God bless. 

p/s - another beautiful piece by Maestro IR. A yesteryear classic. Heard it one the radio.....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Speak your heart. I have. :)

March is here. 
And March, to me, is about, shouting out (writing, in this case) what I really think.

So here comes, Shalu, sincerely. 
And pre-pardons if they hurt the heart, even a tiny weeny bit. 

1. If you love people, tell them. Life is short. Ego is a horrible trait. And, you don't know what tomorrow holds. Just telling someone they matter, can chill the coldest soul. I have. To my loved ones. You, do too. 

2. I seriously don't think Jessica Jude, the runner up in Super Singer a Junior 4, was worth her title. Apologies. But I am being honest here. If you had watched the program from day one, you will understand. It is not that she is non deserving. Just not on par. With any of the other 5 finalist. This was a talent based show. At least, that's what I assumed it was - until the devastating finals. These children were fed with knowledge that their talent and hard work combined, was the ultimate recipe to success. But, what triumphed in the end, was votes (bought excessively by one majority). At least, the organizers could have had two categories - voters and jury's. That would have justified the entire scenario. p/s : I know it does not matter much, but I ceased being a fan of Vijay TV’s Super Singer, Junior, Senior, whatsoever. :( So, don't expect me to talk about it any more. And, refer No. 1 – Jessica Jude, I love you. I love you not. :)

3. We should plant more trees. And garden, more often. The weather here, is unbearably hot. And humid. Keeping ourselves hydrated has become an important duty. It always is. But, on a mammoth scale now. Malaysia feels like a desert at noon. So, have I been to a desert? Hmmm. Not really. Rajasthan, yes. I know there's a desert somewhere there, although I didn't, specifically. Well, it is sweating hot, even at midnight. Got my point? 

4. Old people need extra care. Extra love. Extra care. Extra attention. Extra conversation times. Extra everything. Kindly understand that. We too, will age, eventually. Put yourself in their shoes before blowing your heads off. We are extinct without them. UNDERSTAND? So, drop your smart mobiles and equipment, while they are around. Talk to them, instead. They love conversations. Try it. See for yourself. Unless they too are social media platform enthusiasts. Even, then, you can. Just send them a cute message. I love you. Thanks for being a part of my life. I am blessed to you have you. Yup. See them smile. See their eyes light up. After all, we've come as far as free messaging. Whatsapp is a blessing. Use it with them, too. Not just your young rocking hip friends. 

5. If you love people, tell them. Life is short. Ego is a horrible trait. And, you don't know what tomorrow holds. Just telling someone they matter, can chill the coldest soul. I have. To my loved ones. You, do too…………………………… Yes, this is actually No. 1. Why not? We tell important things twice, don't we. All. I do, too. So, yes. Love is beautiful. It warms hearts. Fuzzes the soul. Blooms a smile. Invokes happiness. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that phone (better, the person ;) and tell them. So easy. As ABC. Tell them they matter. Tell them they are genuinely loved. Tell them that you are blessed for their presence in your life. Tell them thanks for being in your life. Tell them, just in simple words – Love you. Can? 

So, yup. That's it. Some mildly harsh stuff I wish to tell people.

Have a marvelous March. It's going to move real fast, just like January and February. So, make the best of it. 

Till then, this is Shalu, signing off, with love. 

Take care. God bless. 

p/s : No Song Day The iPad-Blogger Combi Is Hard To Navigate ;) 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Appa's Kannama. His Shalu Ma. Happy Valentine's, everyone.

He calls me Shalu Ma. Mog♥n.
And, every time, he does ~ I celebrate another, non gazetted Valentine's Day. 

Appa called me Kannama. And on some days, Shalu Ma.
Shalu Ma, was more of how Amma called me, during my schooling years.
She still does, now. Once in a while, though.
My darling sister and over protective brother, have their own ways of calling me, too. 
But that will be a whole new topic that, I don't intend to dwell in, at the moment. 

Certain pet names give you goosebumps. These are mine. 
And they come from people I carry in my heart, everywhere I go. 

I grew up in an environment abundant in love. 
My parents were the perfect couple. My Amma, the ever supportive wife. The stern but loving Mom. 
The family, that was and is there for me, every day of my life. 

And, Mog♥n. 
The one, who reminds me of my father. In many ways.
Hardworking. Dedicated. Responsible.
Moderately reserved. Beautifully loving.

I am blessed, indeed. 
I am thankful, to the Almighty. 
For everything. 

So, here's wishing the loves of my life, a very very very Happy Valentine's Day. 
My Appa, up in heaven. 
My Amma. My Akka. 
My Mog♥n.
My brother. My share of genuine extended family and friends, too. 

Good morning. God bless. 


p/s :- surprise song :) listen. it's beautiful. one of my present favourites.