Sunday, July 20, 2014

Po Indru Neeyaaga from Velaiyilla Pattathari

Heyya everyone.....
Hope everything is as rosy as it ought to be.

Malaysia is in mourning. Our national flag and all state flags will fly at half mast until the 21st of July 2014. Our second major tragedy, this year. And, barely 4 months after losing the MH370 to God-knows-where. 

It is heart wrenching to watch the news. Be it local or international. The stories of the unfortunate passengers who boarded the plane, stab you like a titanium knife. The happy lives they lived, lost in split second. 

CNN calls it the "worst crime scene in the world". We cannot fail to agree. It's an active war zone. There are so many setbacks. The rebels. The pro Russians. The politicising. The pin pointing. The looting. The blazing temperature. The rotting bodies. The stolen black box. It's just devastating. 

And, in the midst of all this gloominess, we are trying to console ourselves with the little happy things. 

I received a whatsapp message this late evening. From a friend. 
"Watch this !" it read.
"The girl's name is Shalini. And she wears lots of churidar suits, just like you. :) It's a fun movie. I can watch it with you - for the second time ;)"
I reply with a ":)". 
This video clip is attached. 
It is love at first sight for me. First sight and first listen. 
Not just because my favourite actor Dhanush is singing it, and the lead actor in the movie, but because the video is done in perfect taste. 
So very very romantic.
Watch it. And listen to the oh-so-beautiful lyrics. 
It soothes the heart at this testing time.....
A "Shalu" kind of song ;) 

Have a great week. Take care. Stay blessed.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

10 reasons (and more) why EVERYONE should watch Pannaiyarum Padminiyum.

I am definite about this movie.
That everyone should watch it.
A great movie inspired by a 10 minute short film from Naalaya Iyakunar.
If there is one film for 2014 which blew my mind, made me sit up and smile and awe over the evolving Tamil film industry, this was it.
Watch it. All of it. Don't miss even a second. It is way too beautiful to miss.
A decent movie that evokes the sentiments. Of love, family and relationships. Be it with human or inanimate objects.
I am certain this movie is headed for a string of awards and accolades.
10 reasons why EVERYONE must watch this stellar. 
  1. Jayaprakash, the Pannaiyar.  The a Number One reason. He is brilliant in his role. The main reason why I have watched this movie, all 152 minutes, three times. And each time, unfazed and with the same level of content. As the village Pannaiyar, as the loving husband, as the devoted father. In every scene, he scores a perfect 10. His expressions, flawless. His acting ability, astounding. I am an ardent fan of his. Ardent, yes. 
  2. Thulasi, Chellama, the Pannaiyar's wife. Gawd, she does her role in equal to the brilliance of the Pannaiyar. She is a natural. The wife who stands by her husband. Filial. Encouraging. Flirty. Their chemistry is perfect. So perfect, that I felt they fared far better than the younger couple. 
  3. Vijay Sethupathi as the Driver Murugesan. One of my favourite actors ranks third, in this movie. The elderly couple were too good. But, Vijay Sethupathi plays his part very well. As he always does. He is indeed a versatile actor. He shines as the Pannaiyar's driver. He radiates as the son like figure to the Pannaiyar's wife. And, the down to earth lover to the heroine. 
  4. Padmini, the car.  This awesome premier vehicle, is green in colour, large, strong and holds a major capacity in the movie. It is the village's stately symbol. And half the title of the movie. 
  5. The beautiful songs. All of them. Justin Prabhakaran, the movie music director should be applauded for an all line up of heart melting numbers. Vaali has penned the lyrics for three of the songs. My favourite is Onnakaaga Poranthene as well as Ennakaaga Poranthaaye. Back to back male and female versions. Love, described in such magnificence. 
  6. Peedai @ Peruchaali.  The guy's actual name is Balasaravanan. He adds laughter to the already candid moments. He has a special ability. What? Well, watch it. You will know. It's indeed so very hilarious.
  7. Neelima Rani, the daughter. The villain of the movie. You will despise her. Daughters always  prioritise their parents even after marriage. This is fact. But, not in her case. She is constantly trying to loot something from her parental home. And, she plays her part so well, you will frown disapprovingly every time she visits her parents. 
  8. Original screenplay by S U Arunkumar.  What a screenplay. He is the brainchild to this awesome movie. He hails from the Naalaya Iyakunar league. So, it's not surprising at all. He has all the makings to be a celebrated young director. Hats off. 
  9. Gokul Benoy's cinematography. I have always been a huge fan of cinematography. Like Rajiv Menon. Mark Koninckx. Manoj Paramahamsa. Benoy has done great justice to the entire movie. Crisp, clear and overwhelming shots. I watched it on HD and DVD. Original. They did not play at a cinema near home. Had they, I would have, watched it there. Three times, undoubtedly. Just like am doing now. 
  10. The string of awards. That it is going to win. Watch it before it is going to be the talk of the town. It is, already now. But do so, before the juries from acclaimed bodies, get together and decide so. Then, when they give away the awards, you will smile, knowing you have watched an awesome screenplay, prior to its merit bestowal. 
When you finish watching this movie, that feel good motor response is going to enfold you. Trust me. 

Have a blessed week. July is just days away. Yes I have been a horrible, lazy blogger - sincere apologies. :-)

Take care. God Bless. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is here, and so am I ! And, finally, "WHATSAPP"ing ! :-)

Hello everyone.
Hope the days have been good to you, as they were to me.
Today is Ganesh Chathurti. Today is also the first day of the sixth month of the year - June.
Today, is also, the day, I FINALLY, yes, FINALLY,  got whatsapp on my android.
So, I thought, what better day, to post a word or two.
Life is going great. I want to keep it so.

I never fancied whatsapp - from the beginning.
I also, do not, cling onto my mobile, as if it was favourite soft toy.
Thus, it did not make me feel displaced or left out, when the rest of my family and friends, were having a  gala, at it.

But, today, I gave in. Finally. And,  I owe it these individuals.
  • My darling sister, is leaving, for a European vacation. 2 weeks, approximately. That's means, limited and restricted modes of communication. The only way, I will get to keep in touch, at a bargain, is through whatsapp. The MAIN reason. I cannot imagine not talking to her, and my Mom. They continue to be my pillars of strength. 
  • My bestie who resides in London. She is expecting her second child soon. And, yes, I will be the distinguished godmother, again. Again, the key word is economical. Nominal. Whatever that takes not to splurge. It's not that I am some big saver - but I am pretty careful, with money. The drive being - holidays. Do you know how costly they can be ? Hmmm. Give it a thought. 
  • My group of girlfriends. My uni mates. 6 of us. We remain great friends. I received a SMS from one of them, some months back. "Please get whatsapp ! The best place for the 6 of us to chat. We already have a group. Waiting for you." I miss them, lots. I am the only one still living here, in the north. The rest are all based in the country's capital. We spent more than 4 years of our lives together, in the same hostel for two years and in a rented home, the remaining ones. 
I am still a novice at it. Still learning the tricks. I even, said hello, to my brother who lives in KL, via whatsapp. And, he replied, with a smiley. Not bad, huh ? 

Manic Monday. I hope not. I look forward to it being a wonderful one. 
A start to a pleasant week ahead. 
Wish you all the same too. Stay blessed. Take care.
Smile. Life is too short to sulk about. 
And, yes, whatsapp - for free - to that friend, you have not said a hello to, in a long while. It feels great to make a person happy that they are in your thoughts. Love and affection does wonders. 
Really. Cross my heart. It does.

I love this song. But have yet to watch the movie. Soon - hopefully...
Tamil at one of its loveliest - virtuously - 
"வாவென்று சொல்லும் முன்னே, வருகின்ற நியாபகம், 
கண்ணே உன் சொல்லில் கண்டேன், அறியாத தாய்முகம்....."

Again, signing off. 
Shalu says, "Take care. God bless."

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recommended Tamil Movies - 5 awesome Tamil movies within the first 5 months of the year. :-)

I really LOVE watching GOOD Tamil movies and ALWAYS recommend them, to fellow, enthusiasts. 
2014 has introduced us to a handful of truly attested ones. 
I watched ALL the ones mentioned here, in the theaters. 
Yes - I deserve a pat on the back, for it. 
For encouraging the entire crew of the movie, in a somehow tiny, minuscule way.
And, for NOT buying pirated DVDs. 

So, listed here, are 5 good Tamil movies that have come my way these 5 months (Jan-May 2014) and the reasons why I think you shoud join my bandwagon. 

    Damaal Dumeel by Shree.

    I truly love this movie. Don't ask me why. And, if you do not enjoy it as much as what I did, my advance apologies. It is indeed my current favourite Tamil dark comedy.  I had so much of fun watching it. It was full blown amusing. I do not want to tell you the plot. It will diffuse the suspense and the screenplay. The screenplay was original and the flow, fluid. It cheered the flat mood I had when I went in the theater, reluctantly. And, yes what-ta prodigious ending. Well, if you are someone who loves laughing exuberantly like me, then, this is for you. 

    Thegidi by P. Ramesh
    My other favourite movie. A deserving Tamil whodunnit. A totally out of Tamil cinema scenario. Again, I do not want to divulge more than I should. You have to watch it, for yourself. The screenplay was original and the acting spontaneous. It was an added bonus that they had superb songs. And, a possibility of a sequel.
    So, make that cup of coffee, dim the lights, snuggle on your couch and watch this one without battling an eyelid.
    p/s - Oh, yes - Janani Iyer, the heroine, has great fashion sense. And, the song titled "Vinmeen" is my current mobile ringtone. :-)

    Goli Soda by Vijay Milton
    This inspiring movie garnered rave reviews. I insisted on watching it when the rest of the gang wanted to Ajith's Veeram. Eventually, they were glad with my choice. The growing up Pasanga team returned with a bang - parallel to a volcanic explosion. These kids are plain natural. And, the movie was made in such good spirits that it uplifts us, as curtains draw. This is a MUST watch for the year 2014, and is expected to collect numerous awards, in the near future.

    Naan Sigappu Manithan by Thiru
    For starters, I am no fan of Vishal. But, I adore Lakshmi Menon. She is among the present time ace heroines. I watched it due to coercion from some friends. Fortunately, I sincerely enjoyed it. There are many things in this movie that make you smile. And, just as many that will break your heart. The chemistry between the hero and the heroine is undeniable. There are a couple of huge twists in the movie. And, that is exactly what makes this movie something to invest your time in. Give it a try. You may end up liking it - just like me. :-)

    Maan Karate by Kris Thirukumaran
    I went to watch this movie with a group from friends way past midnight. 12.45am to be exact. We could not get 12am tickets. They were all sold out, so we had to opt for the next one, as we had already made the trip to the mall where this movie was playing. Even, the 12.45am tickets were fast selling and we managed to get adjoining seats. I was worried that I might doze off.  I have never been a fan of daffy, shallow movies. I expected it to be - apologies - but what else can you expect from a Sivakartikeyan-Hansika combination. Delightedly, it was an awesome non stop comedy. I laughed - my heart out - from the very first minute until the utmost end. This is a true comedy. There is no con here Trust me.

    So, that is for now. Hope you liked my compilation. 
    You know what ? The Tamil cinema is unfolding fascinatingly. I am proud that it is no more about singing by the beach, running around trees and fighting from Arctic to Antartica. I am glad the villain does not carry a big mole on his right cheek and wears a red bandana everywhere he goes. I am pleased there is healthy influx of new heroes and heroines that manage to proof themselves with creditable acting abilities. 
    So, hail my Tamil cinema. :-)

    See ya. Take care. God Bless.

    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    Inidhu, Inidhu. Yes, I am back. :-) Life is too short to be busy. Make the best of it !!

    ps/ - i LOVE this video. Dont leave without watching it - FULL. This is something you must not miss. Life is too short to be proud of being busy. Savour life. Every second of it. Inidhu, Inidhu - that is how life should be. :-)

    Hiatus - A break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.
    In my case, blogging. :-(

    I am truly sorry for not being able to leave a post during the last two months. 

    No. I am not going to say I was busy.
    I hate glorying the word busy.
    Busy is a word that is meant for people who do not have lives.
    I sometimes wonder about all those people who constantly claim (or rather allege and declare) themselves so. 

    What when they grow old ? 
    What when they become inactive ? 
    When all that busyness comes to a halt ? 
    When being idle is their only available choice ? 
    Will karma knock at their doors? 
    Will karma say, "Well, guess what ? You spent your whole life lauding and celebrating the action of being busy. All those people who were there, tirelessly and patiently waiting for you, hoping that somehow, you'd set aside some time for them, have ACTUALLY moved on. Well, now it's your time to listen to them say, "We are not BUSY - but rather, ENJOYING time - with family and friends who were there for us - all these while."

    And, yes. 
    That's what I have been doing. 
    Spending LARGE amounts of time with family and friends. 
    Luxuriating in relationships that matter. 

    • I have attended reunions. 
    • I went for family functions. Lots. 
    • I have stayed over the weekend at my sister's place. (Which I have not done in years).
    • I watched movies at the theatres, instead of at home.
    • I enrolled for yoga classes with gym facilities.
    • I head to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, more frequently, to visit my favourite relatives as well as my best friends. 
    • I spend many free evenings with Amma at the kitchen. 
    • I have gone window shopping in later afternoons and temple visiting in the late evenings, both on the same days, with Akka - my best buddy.
    • I enjoy biscuits over tea time - with family. 
    • I read. A lot. 
    • I am researching for my next vacation - already.
    • I meditate every other day. For 20 minutes, at least. It is indeed, very calming. 
    • I joined a friend to the art gallery some time back. It was beautiful. Art is beautiful.
    • I want to swing by Singapore real soon. The Universal Studios and the Underwater World is simply irresistible. Planning has already started. :-)
    • I STILL have a hundred things running on my mind and hope to do as much as I can.
    So, yes, this is Shalu - signing in again. After the hiatus. :-)
    To everyone who has left me emails, iMessages, Facebook messages and comments, thank you from the very depth of my heart.
    It is honorably wonderful to be appreciated. Thanks, yet again.

    I spent the weekend at home. All 48 hours. Loved it. It has been a while since I had the immunity of doing so. Home remains my favourite sanctuary. I also love the beach, laid back coffee cafes and of course, Chennai and now, Varanasi, too.

    I watched this movie this afternoon, with Amma. My sister and her kids joined us half way through the movie. They were paying the mandatory weekend visit. I was not paying full attention to it as I have watched it a couple of times prior to this. I was browsing through something on the ipad, actually.

    And this song played. And I looked up. And totally doted it. 
    This is beautiful. Really. 
    Immerse your self in the song. The lyrics and the melody. Absorb the conversations in between.

    Take care. God Bless.

    Love always,