Sunday, March 1, 2015

Speak your heart. I have. :)

March is here. 
And March, to me, is about, shouting out (writing, in this case) what I really think.

So here comes, Shalu, sincerely. 
And pre-pardons if they hurt the heart, even a tiny weeny bit. 

1. If you love people, tell them. Life is short. Ego is a horrible trait. And, you don't know what tomorrow holds. Just telling someone they matter, can chill the coldest soul. I have. To my loved ones. You, do too. 

2. I seriously don't think Jessica Jude, the runner up in Super Singer a Junior 4, was worth her title. Apologies. But I am being honest here. If you had watched the program from day one, you will understand. It is not that she is non deserving. Just not on par. With any of the other 5 finalist. This was a talent based show. At least, that's what I assumed it was - until the devastating finals. These children were fed with knowledge that their talent and hard work combined, was the ultimate recipe to success. But, what triumphed in the end, was votes (bought excessively by one majority). At least, the organizers could have had two categories - voters and jury's. That would have justified the entire scenario. p/s : I know it does not matter much, but I ceased being a fan of Vijay TV’s Super Singer, Junior, Senior, whatsoever. :( So, don't expect me to talk about it any more. And, refer No. 1 – Jessica Jude, I love you. I love you not. :)

3. We should plant more trees. And garden, more often. The weather here, is unbearably hot. And humid. Keeping ourselves hydrated has become an important duty. It always is. But, on a mammoth scale now. Malaysia feels like a desert at noon. So, have I been to a desert? Hmmm. Not really. Rajasthan, yes. I know there's a desert somewhere there, although I didn't, specifically. Well, it is sweating hot, even at midnight. Got my point? 

4. Old people need extra care. Extra love. Extra care. Extra attention. Extra conversation times. Extra everything. Kindly understand that. We too, will age, eventually. Put yourself in their shoes before blowing your heads off. We are extinct without them. UNDERSTAND? So, drop your smart mobiles and equipment, while they are around. Talk to them, instead. They love conversations. Try it. See for yourself. Unless they too are social media platform enthusiasts. Even, then, you can. Just send them a cute message. I love you. Thanks for being a part of my life. I am blessed to you have you. Yup. See them smile. See their eyes light up. After all, we've come as far as free messaging. Whatsapp is a blessing. Use it with them, too. Not just your young rocking hip friends. 

5. If you love people, tell them. Life is short. Ego is a horrible trait. And, you don't know what tomorrow holds. Just telling someone they matter, can chill the coldest soul. I have. To my loved ones. You, do too…………………………… Yes, this is actually No. 1. Why not? We tell important things twice, don't we. All. I do, too. So, yes. Love is beautiful. It warms hearts. Fuzzes the soul. Blooms a smile. Invokes happiness. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that phone (better, the person ;) and tell them. So easy. As ABC. Tell them they matter. Tell them they are genuinely loved. Tell them that you are blessed for their presence in your life. Tell them thanks for being in your life. Tell them, just in simple words – Love you. Can? 

So, yup. That's it. Some mildly harsh stuff I wish to tell people.

Have a marvelous March. It's going to move real fast, just like January and February. So, make the best of it. 

Till then, this is Shalu, signing off, with love. 

Take care. God bless. 

p/s : No Song Day The iPad-Blogger Combi Is Hard To Navigate ;) 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Appa's Kannama. His Shalu Ma. Happy Valentine's, everyone.

He calls me Shalu Ma. Mog♥n.
And, every time, he does ~ I celebrate another, non gazetted Valentine's Day. 

Appa called me Kannama. And on some days, Shalu Ma.
Shalu Ma, was more of how Amma called me, during my schooling years.
She still does, now. Once in a while, though.
My darling sister and over protective brother, have their own ways of calling me, too. 
But that will be a whole new topic that, I don't intend to dwell in, at the moment. 

Certain pet names give you goosebumps. These are mine. 
And they come from people I carry in my heart, everywhere I go. 

I grew up in an environment abundant in love. 
My parents were the perfect couple. My Amma, the ever supportive wife. The stern but loving Mom. 
The family, that was and is there for me, every day of my life. 

And, Mog♥n. 
The one, who reminds me of my father. In many ways.
Hardworking. Dedicated. Responsible.
Moderately reserved. Beautifully loving.

I am blessed, indeed. 
I am thankful, to the Almighty. 
For everything. 

So, here's wishing the loves of my life, a very very very Happy Valentine's Day. 
My Appa, up in heaven. 
My Amma. My Akka. 
My Mog♥n.
My brother. My share of genuine extended family and friends, too. 

Good morning. God bless. 


p/s :- surprise song :) listen. it's beautiful. one of my present favourites.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

12 Date Ideas ~ my Tamil girl version

For my dearest Mog♥n. Early Valentine wishes. :)

2015 is the year of dates. Dates, dates and more dates. At least for me. It was one of my resolutions. 
2014 was a little lame. Scarce and sporadic. Yes, it was. Just writing it, emphasises the pathetic tone. 
So, this year, I want to date more. To enjoy those beautiful moments. To make time for the sweet nothings. 
And, I intend to abide by them.
And, what better time to start, than February, the month of love?

12 Date Ideas - I want to have with Mogn.

1. The Temple Visit

My ultimate date, would be definitely this. An early morning visit to the temple. The tranquility and serenity of this place of worship. The peacefulness it brings the heart, is just speech defying. Just him & me. In the presence of the Almighty. Amidst the chime of temple bells, the chant of sacred verses and the aroma of jasmines, roses, sandalwood and incense. And, a stop over for breakfast. Think idli and Madras coffee. 

2. The Sunrise Watch

Yes. The Lets Watch The Sunrise Together Date. The one that begins with a phone call. Where he candidly asks if I would want to see it with him. And, where, I would happily say yes. You know, the well spent one, where you talk stuff, hold hands, embrace the silence and enjoy the dancing of waves, as the sun rises, embodying a new beginning. And a simple Western breakfast, there after. 

3. The Joggers Park

Oh, yes. The Joggers Park. Oh, and this is not only confined to health freaks or the wannabes. Huge trees. Sweet breeze. Ample shade. Wooden benches. Morning dew. The smell of earth, and grass, entwined. Relationships grow over simple stuff like this, not material ones. Oh, and this is not only confined to health freaks or the wannabes. Stroll along. Jog. Brisk walk. Whatever. Spend time together. That's all that counts.

4. The Coffee Cafe

The coffee cafe date. Something I will never say no too - even on my busiest days. I love coffee. I love tea, too. And, I love quaint restaurants which serve them. Ambience is such a turn on. Just sitting with your greatest crush, sipping a hot drink and exchanging sweet nothings - is downright lovely. Malaysia, every nook and corner, has an endless list of superb cafes and hangouts. It's a matter of starting - somewhere. 

5. The Scooter/Bicycle Ride

The thought of the date itself puts a huge grin on my face. Him & me. A scooter. Or a simple bicycle. So honestly romantic. The ability to hug him from the back. To fiddle with his hair and ears. To scream in ecstasy, as you ride downhill. There's a certain kind of happiness when he leads. And, you know, you are in safe hands. 

6. The Movie Date

Yup. A good movie, that is. And, Tamil, preferably. A cup of chilled drink. Two straws. And, a strong hand grip at every time a beautiful moment comes. If I could turn back time and choose 3 Tamil movies that for a date, Alaipayuthey would always be Número Uno. Number One. Then, the recent Panayarum Padminiyum. A stellar. And last but not least, any Ajith movie. For him. Think Don. 

7. The Beach Picnic

I am an aquaholic. Read that right. Please. Aquaholic. A person who loves water. Any place associated with water. Especially the beach. Mention beach, and I am hyper. I am somewhat lucky. Penang is an island. And, beaches are a plenty. Picnics should be somewhat early morning. Or late evening, when the sun is down. Some chocolate drink, fresh juice, sandwiches, chips, a picnic mat, and voila, you are set. 

8. The Count the Stars Match

How beautiful a thought. Not to mention, jaw dropping romantic. On a bright cloudless night, however. But, insect repellants would be very handy. You don't want to spend the night shooing away mosquitoes instead, do you? And, at the end of the day, the magic lies in making the best, out of trivial moments like this. 

9. The Kitchen Party

Cooking together. Yes. What more couples should do - more often. Bonding is a necessity in any relationship. And, what better way than preparing a meal together. I think it's a sweet idea. Deciding on a simple but lovely menu. Going to the grocers. Buying the stuff. And returning home to start the entrée. Not to mention, setting up a romantic atmosphere, Illayaraja's music playing softly in the background, and all. 

10. The Family / Friend Hangout

I grew up to the notion that love begins with family. Still do. Always will. A guy who ensures you are a part of his family and friends, is ALWAYS a keeper. Make the best of those outings. Be pleasant to everyone in his circle. And, be genuine. Put the effort to be a part of it. Establish a connection with his clique. He wanted you in, so make him proud. 

11. The Rain Dance 

No. Not the non virtuous one as in Bolly or Molly movies. I am referring to the ones that happen at the brink of the moment. When it's starting to rain a little heavier, you are both out in the rain, he catches hold of your umbrella and throws it away. And, you just embrace the joy of getting drenched in the rain with someone you genuinely adore. Love is about the small things. 

12. The Pet Shop Trip 

I love animals. Especially dogs. And birds. I have actually done this one, albeit it being a non date kind of thing. More of a stop over. He wanted to get food for his fish, an Arowana. But, I enjoyed those little moments. Both of us drooling over the animals in the pet shop. The rabbits. The hamsters. The birds. The fishes. Why not? Especially if both love animals. 

Note : iPads are least Blogger friendly. And I am not too Internet savvy. I want to make that clear. So, I am currently not able to post a song. Pardon me. But, given a choice it would be, at this very moment - "Haiyayo Nenju Alayathudi...." from my favourite Aadukalam.

Till I see you all again, this is a signed off with lots of love,

Ps ~ oh, please wish me luck. Will need them, lots. ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 - Tamil movies, songs & characters.

Happy New Year 2015 everyone.

2014. Of Tamil movies, songs & characters.
I am ditching all those long winded scrutiny and study. 
I want you to be able to read this in a jiffy, and get on back on track, to the more important agenda on your to do list, today.

Undisputed Super Movie of the Year

Linga (reviews not applicable)

Top Ten Tamil Movies 2014 ~ My Choice 

1. Panayaarum Padminiyum
2. Thegidi
3. Jigarthanda 
4. Naan Sigappu Manithan
5. Un Samayal Araiyil
6. Madras. 
7. Goli Soda
8. Saivam
9. Damaal Dumeel
10. Mundasupatti
11. Jeeva
12. Rummy 
13. Velaiyila Pattathari 
14. Nee Engey Yen Anbey 
15. Maan Karate & Yaamiruka Bayamey

Special mention - Sathuranga Vettai & Cuckoo

Top Ten Tamil Songs 2014 ~ My Choice

1. Vinmeen from Thegidi
2. Unakaage from Panayarum Padminiyum 
3. Poo Indru Neeyaga from Velaiyilla Pattathari 
6. Aye Mr Minor from Kaaviya Thalaivan
4. Aagayam Theepiditha from Madras
8. Kathal Aasai Yaarai from Anjaan
5. Penne Oh Penne from Naan Sigappu Manithan
9. Intha Porrupudhan from Un Samayal Araiyil
7. Let's Take A Selfie Pulla from Kaththi
10. Oruthi Mele from Jeeva

Five Awesome Characters in a Tamil Motion Movie 2014
Johnny of Madras
Panayaar of Panayarum Padminiyum
Rajesh of Jeeva
Raguvaran of Velaiyila Pattathari
Meera of Naan Sigappu Manithan 

Five Influential Figures - The Tamil Film Fraternity 2014
Bobby Simha
Karthik Subburaj 
Hariharan a.k.a Johnny Madras
Santhosh Narayanan
James Vasanthan

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A year older. And, hopefully, wiser.

Greetings from Shalu.

First, and foremost - thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, to everyone, for the birthday wishes. The one which came, some days after the mid of November 2014. Thank you for the blessings, the love, and the care.

Birthdays are very personal, to me. No. Not because of the getting old issue. 
But, because, I truly believe, it is a day you celebrate with loved ones. The family and friends that you genuinely hold close to heart. And, I did, exactly that. 

God and Appa. Thank you for continuing to watch over me. And for blessing me, from up above. 

Amma, my Goddess. The one who makes me realise that heaven will always be a place on earth, as long as I have her, with me. Thank you for the midnight, surprise party. 

Akka. My best friend. My second mom. We share a 13 year gap. But, we are allies. Compatriots. Shopping buddies. Gossip gang. Partners in craziness. 
And, she is my favourite Whatsapp contact. Yes, such a favourite, that we share secret messages, even when in the same room. Thank you for the side dishes for party. Thank you for ensuring a good attendance. 

My brother, Segar. Who remembered. For once. Hahaha.....
Guys rarely keep track of dates and all. So, when he actually called to wish, I found it a little weird and funny. Brothers. They can drive you crazy. He does, too. But, he cares just as much. And, I continue to count on him, anytime of the day. 

Mogan. For one of the earliest wishes. For making me smile from ear to ear. For continuing to be a part of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Inpan and Devaki. My besties in London. For the phone call across the miles. For the messages. For just being there, in my life. You've put our friendship on a pedestal. You're family, guys. And, I love you both as well as the two little ones, so very, very much.

Sivaram. My blog reader. Years have transformed us into Facebook and email friends. Thank you, too, for that surprise phone call, from India. I was truly taken by surprise because you remembered. And not to mention, that sweeter than sweet poem via mail. May God bless you in your new journey of life. And, yes, thanks. Very much appreciated. 

To my besties, who compromise of 5 crazy girls, from my uni days - Thanks. You guys rock. 

To everyone else who is aware of my EXACT birth date, and dropped by to wish, thank you, too.

Yes, I am blessed. Thanks.

Take a piece of the cake. Virtually. That's all that is possible for now.

Signing off,